Torquay pet insurance

We are strong supporters of pet health insurance. Torquay Animal House & Veterinary Clinic strives to offer high-quality vet services so that your pet can enjoy a healthy, happy life. Owning a pet can be expensive. We are all aware of regular expenses such as feeding, flea and worm control, neutering, annual health checks, and vaccinations. But what happens if your pet is injured or becomes seriously ill?

New advancements in veterinary care allow us to offer treatments and services that were not available in the past. Unfortunately, these newer options are costly. Most pet owners want to do the very best for their pets. Occasionally financial constraints prevent pet owners from selecting the best option. Even worse, some animals have to be put to sleep when their owners cannot afford appropriate treatment.

Serious accidents, snake bites, cruciate ligament injuries, diabetes, hip dysplasia, poisoning, parvovirus, and cancer are just some of the more common problems we encounter that will lead to veterinary bills in the thousands of dollars. Recently an Australian pet insurance provider processed a claim for cancer treatment totaling more than $16,000.

Golden Retreiver on Torquay beach

What does pet insurance cover?

There are many providers of pet insurance in Australia. They offer a wide range of protection from basic injury cover right through to comprehensive accident and illness cover. Some offer extras like flea control products, vaccinations, and emergency boarding fees.

What doesn’t pet insurance cover?

Be sure to read the policy document carefully – check the fine print. There is usually a waiting period of 30 days, and pre-existing problems are often excluded. Some policies also have age limits.

How much does pet insurance cost?

Premiums are directly related to the level of cover provided and the policy excess. Basic cover can be purchased for $11 per month, while fully comprehensive cover with all the extras could range from $30-$50 per month.

Is there a pet insurance company we can recommend?

Only holders of an Australian Financial Services License are authorised to sell or offer product advice on any type of insurance policy. We can provide general advice as well as contact details for the insurance providers. Don’t forget – when comparing premiums make sure you check the following:


  • Does the policy cover accident AND illness or just accident?
  • How much is the excess and/or what percentage of the fee can be claimed?
  • Is there a limit to how much you can claim (for example some policies have a limit of $5000 per year)?
  • What are the exclusions?
  • Is there a waiting period?
  • Does an age limit apply?

Pet insurance options

The following list includes pet insurance companies operating in Australia. There may be other insurance providers that we are not aware of. We suggest you check your home insurance policy to see if pet cover is (or can be) included. Consider speaking to your insurance broker to see what they have available.

Pet Plan

1300 738 225


1300 732 172

Merial Perfect Partners

1300 668 100


1300 855 160

RSPCA Pet Insurance

1300 855 150

Vets Own

1300 668 890

InsuranceLine Pet Plan

13 88 68

Bow Wow Meow

1800 668 502

Pet Insurance Australia (PIA)

1800 043 552


1300 467 872