Advanced pet medical investigation

Advanced medicine in our Torquay clinic

At Torquay Animal House Veterinary Clinic & Hospital, we provide advanced medical investigations to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective management of intricate health conditions. Our vets are well-versed in handling diverse medical issues, ensuring your pet can lead a comfortable and happy life despite medical challenges.

Heart disease

Heart disease in pets, whether congenital or acquired, requires precise diagnosis and management. Our clinic is well-equipped to diagnose and manage heart conditions. Through heart scans (echocardiography) and heart rate tests (ECG), we get a clear picture of your pet’s heart health. Each diagnosis is followed by a tailored treatment plan, ensuring your pet’s heart stays robust.

Liver and kidney problems

Liver and kidney issues can be quite intricate, but with the right medical investigation, they can be managed effectively. Our in-depth examinations identify the underlying causes. Based on these findings, we devise treatment plans that aim to promote better liver and kidney function.

Endocrine diseases

Hormonal diseases like diabetes and hyperthyroidism interfere with your pet’s well-being. Our vets are proficient in identifying these hormonal imbalances through blood tests and other diagnostic tools. We provide comprehensive management plans to ensure your pet’s hormonal health is balanced, enhancing their quality of life.

Enhancing your pet’s quality of life

While receiving a serious diagnosis for your pet can be distressing, Torquay Animal House Vet is committed to helping your furry friend enjoy a great quality of life despite these challenges. Our advanced pet medicine and medical investigations enable us to provide precise diagnoses and develop customised treatment plans.

We understand that each pet is unique, and we work closely with you to ensure your pet receives the best possible care. Whether it’s medication, dietary adjustments, or ongoing monitoring, we’re dedicated to supporting your pet’s health journey.

At Torquay Animal House Vet, your pet’s health is our priority. We believe that every pet deserves a happy and healthy life, no matter the challenges they may face. If your pet requires advanced medical investigations or if you simply need to schedule an annual health check, vaccinations, or behavioural consultation, we’re here to assist.

Contact Torquay Animal House Vet today for comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care. Our dedication to advanced medicine ensures your pet receives the best care possible, promoting a happy and healthy life.

Older pet dog requiring advanced medical investigation in Torquay