Pet ultrasound services

Animal ultrasounds services in Torquay

At Torquay Animal House, we specialise in offering advanced pet ultrasound services in Torquay. Our non-invasive diagnostic imaging technique helps visualize and monitor the internal organs of your beloved pets, including dogs and cats.

Our medical ultrasound procedure is non-invasive and completely painless for your pets. This allows us to gain valuable insights into their internal organ structure and function, aiding in early diagnosis and effective treatment planning.

Diagnostic applications

We utilise ultrasound to perform a range of diagnostic applications, including:

  • Ultrasound-guided needle biopsy: Obtaining tissue samples for a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Fluid sampling: Analyzing fluids within the body for diagnostic purposes.

Pregnancy ultrasounds

Pregnancy ultrasounds are commonly performed at Torquay Animal House. These ultrasounds are essential for:

  • Confirming pregnancy
  • Estimating gestational age
  • Litter size estimation

Our experienced team of veterinarians and technicians ensures that your pets receive the highest level of care during ultrasound examinations. We prioritise their comfort and well-being throughout the process.

In addition to ultrasounds, we also provide comprehensive veterinary vaccinations, ensuring the health and well-being of your furry companions. Moreover, we extend our care to injured wildlife, further demonstrating our commitment to animal welfare.

Contact us today for expert pet ultrasound services and holistic care for your pets and local wildlife.

Pet cat receiving an ultrasound at Torquay Animal House