Pet desexing for cats and dogs in Torquay

Desexing or neutering is a surgical procedure that plays a vital role in preventing unwanted litters and improving the overall health of your beloved cats and dogs. At Torquay Animal House, we understand the importance of this procedure for both species and take every precaution to ensure its safety and success.

Safe and skilled desexing for cats and dogs

While many people consider desexing a routine procedure, it is still a surgery, which is why Torquay Animal House prioritises utmost care and caution. Our team includes a skilled and experienced surgeon who performs the procedure with precision for both cats and dogs.

During the desexing procedure, we provide expert patient monitoring by trained vet nurses, ensuring the safety and comfort of your pets throughout the surgery and recovery period.

We use modern and safe anesthetic drugs to ensure a smooth and pain-free recovery for your cats and dogs. IV catheterisation allows immediate vein access, enhancing safety and efficiency during the procedure.

Additional services and benefits

At Torquay Animal House, we offer optional services and items that can be discussed upon admission of your pets for their desexing procedure. The benefits of desexing for cats and dogs include:

  • Preventing unwanted litters: By desexing your pets, you help reduce the number of stray or unwanted animals that are put down each year.
  • Health benefits: Desexing reduces the risk of testicular cancer and prostate disease in males, while in females, it decreases the incidence of mammary cancer and pyometra.
  • Behavioural improvements: Desexing can lead to decreased potential aggression towards humans and other animals, especially in males.
  • Lower council registration fees: The Surf Coast shire offers reduced registration fees for desexed pets. Desexed dog or cat $73 or $36.50 for pensioners, unsterilised is $221 and $110.50 for pensioners. (These prices were correct at the time of writing the copy. (Check Surf Coast Shire website for details))

The ideal time to desex your cats and dogs, particularly with dogs, can depend on their breed. It is best to speak with one of our vets to help you decide the optimal time to schedule this procedure for both cats and dogs.

In addition to pet desexing, Torquay Animal House offers a range of other services to address your pet’s unique needs, including endoscopy services and pet hospitalisation.

At Torquay Animal House, we consider your pet’s health and safety our top priority. Our comprehensive approach to desexing ensures a safe and successful procedure for your beloved cats and dogs.

Schedule your pet’s desexing procedure today

Ensure the well-being of your cats and dogs and contribute to reducing unwanted litters by scheduling a desexing procedure at Torquay Animal House. Contact us today to discuss the benefits and schedule your pet’s appointment.

Pet dog waiting to be de-sexed from vet at Torquay Animal Hospital