Pet consultation services

Torquay vet consultation services

Every pet has its own story and unique healthcare needs. At Torquay Animal House Veterinary Clinic & Hospital, we are committed to listening to those stories and addressing those needs through personalised pet consultations in Torquay. Our doors are open to provide your pets with the attention and treatments they deserve in a comfortable and caring environment.

Dedicated consult rooms

We understand that every pet’s comfort is crucial, and have designed four dedicated consult rooms. This includes a quiet space specifically for cats to ease their stress and a larger, tranquil room furnished to support long consultations, anxious pets, and to offer solace during the heartfelt farewells.

Prompt attention to pet health

We recognise the importance of timely care, and encourage pet owners to seek veterinary attention for unwell or injured animals without delay. With appointments scheduled for your convenience, our goal is to minimize wait times and ensure your pet is seen quickly and efficiently.

In addition to professional pet consultations, Torquay Animal House Vet offers a range of additional services to address your pet’s unique needs, including: CT scanning and dentistry.

At Torquay Animal House Vet, we believe in building a strong and trusting relationship with both you and your pets. Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate care and professional guidance to ensure your pets lead happy and healthy lives.

Don’t delay in seeking the best care for your pets. Contact Torquay Animal House today to schedule a pet consultation. Our experienced veterinarians are here to provide the quality care your pets deserve.

Pet cat being checked by vet at Torquay Animal House