Pet end-of-life care

At Torquay Animal House, we understand that the time may come when you have to say goodbye to your cherished pet. During this emotional and difficult moment, our compassionate team is here to provide end-of-life care and pet euthanasia services with the utmost kindness and sensitivity.

Quality-of-life assessment

We can assist you with a quality-of-life assessment, helping you evaluate your pet’s overall well-being and whether euthanasia is the most compassionate choice. Our goal is to ensure that your pet’s comfort and dignity are prioritised throughout the process.

A comforting environment

We have created a comforting and less clinical environment to provide a peaceful farewell for your pet. Our dedicated larger consult room is furnished to make you feel more comfortable during this difficult time. You can take all the time you need to say goodbye in a calm and supportive setting.

We understand the importance of privacy during such moments. To provide you with a more private farewell, we have a separate entrance/exit to our facility.

Often, we will recommend sedation for your pet before the euthanasia procedure. This helps ensure that your pet remains calm and comfortable throughout the process. Our treating veterinarian can discuss this option with you to address any concerns or questions you may have.

At Torquay Animal House, we provide compassionate support not only for your pet but also for you during this difficult time. We are dedicated to ensuring that the farewell process is as peaceful and gentle as possible.

In addition to our end-of-life care and pet euthanasia services, Torquay Animal House offers a range of other services to meet your pet’s unique needs, including cancer care and specialist referrals.

Contact us for compassionate end-of-life care

When the time comes to say goodbye to your beloved pet, contact Torquay Animal House for compassionate end-of-life care and pet euthanasia services. We are here to support you and ensure a gentle farewell for your cherished friend.

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Elderly pet cat having cuddles before being euthanized in Torquay